Friends and Family 2

Good films tend to balance truth with fiction. Go too overboard with one and you’re bored to tears; go too overboard with the other and you’re…uh…p’shawed to laughter? You get the point. Embellishment is good for the suspension of disbelief, but add too much and the result is an unpalatable mess. When in doubt, however, it’s best to err on the side of fiction.

But between truth and fiction, what if truth really is the stranger of the two?  Well, what you get is Friends and Family 2. Released by Smash Pictures and directed by smut-monger Jim Powers, the film is reputedly based on the real life story of Ashlynn Leigh. “Based on” is always a bit subjective, at least when it comes to made-for-television movies that star Treat Williams, but a little introspective thought into your own life will tell you that if even a portion of the tale told here is accurate, then this chick has had one truly fucked up life.

According to the cute brunette, her stepfather was named Jack, though he went by the name Stallion. When Ashlynn would invite her best friend, blonde cutie Tristyn Kennedy, over to play, her step dad would glom, hover and linger just a bit too long. How annoying. I mean why would anyone want to stick around and watch two young hotties writhing around on each other in lacey tops and cute little panties, or engaging in a tickle fight?

Now, while all this is going on, Darryl Davis (Darryl Hannah) is enlisting the help of her daughter Leeanne (Shay Golden). Darryl’s husband Mark (Mark Davis) has been pounding her pussy for the past five hours having taken some penis pills that Stallion recommended. Darryl wants Leeanne to take some of the pounding on her behalf to make him cum. That way she’ll be able to get some shut-eye. Leeanne is a gorgeous blonde with smoldering eyes and smoldering-er ass. Her mouth does much of the early work, though, sucking his head and shaft in its entirety. The two split face-sitting duties and riding Mark’s hyper-erect dick. Leeanne also takes it into her ass, which eventually makes him cum onto her face. Looks like she got the shut-eye instead!

Later, Darryl overhears Stallion and Tristyn engaging in phone sex, which arouses her suspicions about other things as Stallion has also been walking Tristyn and Ashlynn home from school regularly. A phone call to Rae Stallion (Rayveness) creates a little bad blood between Darryl and Rae, but Rae is in total denial. Besides, she is just as bad as her husband. As proof, witness her seduction of Seth (Seth Gamble). She puts one over on him just because she wanted to make sure his fucking ability was good enough for her daughter, Ashlynn. (The two are apparently dating.) Rayveness does a very hot masturbation scene here and the tight shots of her fingering her folds are worth a look. She’s as lovely as ever in this scene, especially how her giant tits hang when she works over Seth’s cock. She rides him in CG, takes him in mish and spoon and then takes a half-and-half shot of cum into and onto her pussy.

Meanwhile, Stallion has gone to see Ally Davis (Chastity Lynn) at band practice with band mate and brother Dan (Dane Cross). If you’re a Journey fan, you’ll want to fast forward this scene unless you forever want the tune Don’t Stop Believin’ ruined. Trust us on this one! The small town girl is now a big, big slut. ‘Nuff said. If you stick around, though, you’ll see the band take five and Stallion take liberties with Chastity. He rifles through her dainties, fingering her pussy and fondling her natural little tits. After running his cock between her ass cheeks, he fucks her from behind. After she double fists his man meat, she gags on it, which doesn’t seem to be a great thing for the preservation of her vocal cords. CG, mish, RCG and doggie style fucking finishes up the scene along with a mouth blast of cum.

Things start to move really fast when Ashlynn arrives back home. “Oaf shit!” proclaims Seth when he hears Ashlynn’s voice. He’s enjoying a post-coital cigarette next to Rayveness, but is afraid to get busted by the girl he’s taking to the prom. Rae heads her off at the pass. Meanwhile, Dan is jacking off to the sights and sounds of Ally getting drilled by Stallion. When Sofie (Sophia Sutra) wanders in on Dan, the two begin fucking each other as well. He hammers her in doggie with some great underside shots of her smooth pussy on display, then rides him in RCG on the stairwell before swallowing his load.

Perhaps the only drawback to this film is that the ending is left dangling in space like Stallion’s cock when he fucks Tristyn and Ashlynn at the conclusion. It’s a solid threeway scene with lots of cock sucking, ass licking, some 69 and another cumshot that is sort of half in and half out of Tristyn’s pussy. After that, the film cuts to a scene of Darryl requesting some more help from Leeanne. She smiles coyly and the credits roll. More than likely we’ll be seeing a part three in the near future.

FAF 2 covers all the bases sex wise (though it concentrates on home plate the most). It’s twisted and sexy with all the double-crossing, deceit and douchebaggery necessary to make a great porn film. It has been said that sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction. If there is any accuracy to this portrayal of Ashlynn’s formative years then the phrase, in this case, would certainly apply.

Stars:   Rayveness Darryl Hanah Chastity Lynn Sophia Sutra Tristyn Kennedy Ashlynn Leigh Shay Golden Dane Cross Evan Stone Mark Davis

Categories: New Release High Definition Feature Teen

Running Time:   148 minutes

Released:   04/2011

Studio Name:   Smash Pictures

Series:   Friends And Family

Director:   Jim Powers

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