Movie Review: Diary of Love

Diary of LoveStory-driven porn is back after years of gonzo domination. Smash Pictures is great at this couple-friendly genre and now brings a grand love story to life with Diary of Love. If you’ve seen The Notebook and wished for a more explicit retelling, here it is.

Ally (newcomer Presley Hart) visits Noah (Richie’s Brain) in the hospital and reads to him from her diary, hoping their love story will revive him from the coma he’s been in since an unspecified accident. In flashback, they meet seven years earlier. Noah’s unconventional wooing charms Ally and they become an inseparable “opposites-attract” couple.

They picnic with friends, gorgeous Lily Labeau and her boyfriend Flynn (Logan Pierce). While Ally and Noah explore the woods, their friends have sex in the open. Lily is at her most sensual.

When Noah picks Ally up one night, her mom (Nikki Charm) treats the blue-collar boy like garbage and tells him Ally’s leaving for Harvard, which Ally neglected to mention. Noah takes Ally out anyway. They explore the vacant old house he wants to buy and renovate. Ally says she’d want him to build her a big, white house with huge bedroom windows to let in morning light. Impulsively, she asks him to make love to her. They’re just starting when Flynn barges in to say cops are searching for Ally. Noah takes Ally home and overhears her fighting with her mother about him. When Ally returns to her room, Noah says he doesn’t think they’ll ever make it work. Hysterical, Ally dumps him on the spot.

Noah soon regrets this and writes to Ally daily for a year. He doesn’t have Ally’s Harvard address and her mother intercepts the letters. Noah eventually gives up. Two years later, he and Flynn join the Army after the September 11 attacks. Flynn is killed by a bomb in Afghanistan, by Noah’s side.

Meanwhile, Ally moves to North Carolina for law school and falls for wealthy Lom (Johnny Castle). When Lom proposes to Ally, she says yes and they make love. He goes down on her and we see a good open view of it. Ally’s passionate blowjob is shown in a great close-up shot. After several minutes she gets on top, followed by sex in doggy and spoons positions. Lom cums on Ally’s shaved mound.

Noah returns from Afghanistan. When his father dies, he inherits enough to buy that old house. He spends three years renovating it like Ally wanted. In his finished house, Noah tries to numb his pain by having a threesome with two young war widows (Kimberly Kane and Lia Lor). The women play well together and take turns sucking and fucking Nathan. While one woman sits on Nathan’s face, the other mounts his cock. Together they jerk his load out and lick him clean.

While Ally’s trying on her wedding dress, her mom shows her the wedding announcement in the hometown paper. Below it, Ally sees a picture of Noah in an article about his completed house renovation – and faints. After recovering, Ally impulsively flies to California and surprises Noah. She visits two days in a row.

The second day they’re in Noah’s motorboat when a storm hits. While racing through the rain toward the house, Ally suddenly demands to know why he never wrote to her. Noah tells her about the letters and Ally realizes her mother intercepted them. Emotionally overwhelmed, they embrace in their own rain of kisses. Stripping off their soaked clothes, they kiss their way to Noah’s bed. They finally consummate their love, complete with beautiful oral from both of them and intensely hot sex in missionary, cowgirl, and more. Noah cums on Ally’s toned belly.

Will Ally choose Noah? Does he recover from the coma? It’s more than worth staying to find out – this is one of the year’s most sexually and emotionally satisfying features.

Diary Of Love
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Stars:   Kimberly Kane   Johnny Castle   Lily Labeau   Presley Hart   Richie’s Brain   Logan Pierce   Lia Lor
Categories: New Release   Feature   Natural Breasts   For Ladies   High Definition
Running Time:   127 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Smash Pictures
Director:   Jim Powers

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