Jan 31 2014

Deep Kissing Lesbians: Her Brother’s Fiancée

Deep Kissing Lesbians 2: Her Brother's FianceeGirl Candy Films’ enticing Deep Kissing Lesbians series continues with a vignette titled Her Brother’s Fiancée. Pairing up two of lesbian porn’s greatest performers leads to a torrid scene, as you can imagine.

Elexis Monroe dutifully comes home for her brother’s wedding, but she’s not at all happy about it. Her brother, you see, is marrying her ex-lover, the gorgeous Alyssa Reece. Elexis gets to her brother’s house before he’s home from work, and she argues with Alyssa over their breakup more than a year ago. Alyssa explains that she never felt loved or beautiful with Elexis, who wanted to keep their relationship a secret. Elexis accuses Alyssa of hitting on her brother to get back at her.

Their heated exchange of words gives way to an even hotter meeting of lips and bodies. Alyssa initiates the kiss, but Elexis is just as into it. Throughout the scene, Alyssa and Elexis lavish attention on each other’s many erogenous zones from head to toe. They never neglect the tender nipples, sensitive neck, even the shins and toes. By the time they make their way to each other’s pussies, they’re dripping wet and you’ll be gagging for it. There’s some delicious smutty talk, too. The moment when Elexis tells Alyssa to sit on her face so she can look at her while showing how much she loves her pussy is enough to push you over the edge.

These two still have unresolved feelings and lust for each other that they could never let show while the groom-to-be was around. It kind of makes you wonder: will Alyssa cancel the wedding or just carry on a scandalous affair with her new husband’s sister?

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Running Time:   39 minutes
Released:   01/2014
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Deep Kissing Lesbians
Stars:   Elexis Monroe   Alyssa Reece
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Teen   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition