Feb 04 2014

Deep Kissing Lesbians 2: College Roommates with Benefits

Deep Kissing Lesbians 2: College Roommates With BenefitsGirl Candy Films is exploring the erotic possibilities of tongue wrestling between women with its Deep Kissing Lesbians series. It continues in a sweltering vignette titled College Roommates with Benefits.

Annabelle Lee has graduated from college and it’s time to pack her things and leave the dorm. Sophia Jade, her luscious roommate, comes in to remember their good times together before they say goodbye. This trip down nostalgia lane leads both the girls to the realization that they both had more than a friendly love for each other.

Sophia and Annabelle fall into each other’s arms in a long, heated series of kisses. Their mouths soon find other pleasurable spots to explore, including nipples and clits. It gets hotter by the second, and their passionate licking, gasping, moaning, and powerful cumming is sure to send you crashing over the edge into your own state of bliss.

Deep Kissing Lesbians 2: College Roommates with Benefits is streaming exclusively on our VOD theatre network.

Running Time:   35 minutes
Released:   01/2014
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Deep Kissing Lesbians
Stars:   Annabelle Lee   Sophia Jade
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   All Sex   All Girl   Schoolgirls   High Definition