Creamy Panties: My Lesbian Stalker

Creamy Panties: My Lesbian StalkerWriter/director Nica Noelle’s erotically supercharged Creamy Panties series continues with My Lesbian Stalker. Rejected and dejected, Siri (a busty blonde twenty-something babe, not the artificial intelligence that you might find in your phone) can’t shake her obsession with the absolutely delicious brunette Jelena Jensen. After all, Jelena was the seductress who introduced Siri to the ecstasy of lesbian sex. Siri is so lovesick that she takes to hanging around outside the young goddess’ house, and she doesn’t even try to hide very well.

Just when it seems as if Jelena hasn’t noticed the spying, she confronts her former lover. Understandably, Jelena doesn’t appreciate being stalked. It’s not exactly the sort of behavior that will make Jelena change her mind and take Siri back – or is it? Once Siri confesses that she just can’t stand being without her and wants to know where it all went wrong, Jelena gets turned on knowing that the ample-bodied blonde misses fucking her that much.

As her anger turns to arousal, Jelena decides to teach her former lover a lesson by giving her some unforgettable farewell sex. Jelena takes Siri to bed and orders her to fondle and lick her own tits. The sight of those massive mammaries inspires Jelena to squeeze and slap until the jilted blonde’s seafoam-colored panties are soaking wet. Jelena orders Siri to play with her tits, which aren’t as big as Siri’s but are beautiful, perky, and sensitive. Continuing the psychological domination of her lover turned stalker, Jelena mauls Siri’s pillowy boobs with her hands and mouth while making Siri masturbate.

Whipped up into an erotic frenzy, Jelena orders her ex to lick her trimmed pussy till she cums. Then Jelena grinds her bare clit against Siri’s panty-covered mound and rubs her through the satiny material. When Jelena finally pulls Siri’s soaked underwear off, they go straight into the blonde’s mouth as an impromptu gag. Siri moans into them as Jelena works her over with fingers and tongue. Later, Jelena sits on Siri’s face and gets licked into ecstasy – a visual that will stick in your mind in the best way.

Where Jelena is lean and hard-bodied, Siri is soft and voluptuous. Jelena has nipples that always poke out like little pebbles, and Siri’s are dimpled inward but extremely sensitive. They’re two visually different women who make for a powerfully compelling duo.

Jelena’s no helpless victim, and her ultimate revenge is reminding her old flame of the breast-caressing, clit-licking sexual experiences they shared. You can’t blame Siri for being obsessed with Jelena after watching them in action together.

Creamy Panties: My Lesbian Stalker
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Stars:   Siri   Jelena Jensen
Categories: Lesbian   Big Tits   New Release   All Sex   All Girl   Big Natural Breasts   High Definition
Running Time:   32 minutes
Released:   07/2012
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Creamy Panties
Director:   Nica Noelle

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