Bus Stop Girls 2

The original “Bus Stop Girls” was a big hit and clearly a great idea for a new series. Now there’s a new batch of 18-year-olds ready to sow their wild oats in “Bus Stop Girls 2.” The perverted bus driver in this volume (Ron Jeremy) gives out filthy suckers to the girls who ride his bus. These suggestive sweets prove to be his downfall, as they inspire his passengers to do X-rated things.

Gigi Rivera, an auburn-haired cutie, teases Xander Corvus with suggestive lollipop licking and glimpses of her pussy, but her sucker can’t compare to the stick of candy he keeps in his pants. They hide on the bus until the driver is gone and they can’t hold out long until she climbs on top of the seats so he can fuck her doggy style. You sense these two would fuck in real life, which always adds to a scene. Gigi has one tight little body and her petite pussy barely fits Xander’s rod inside. Judging by the enormity of his load, she feels as great as she looks. It’s fun to watch this active, vocal fuck from two attractive new performers.

Lizz Tayler thinks her friend’s brother, Michael Vegas, is a hot nerd. She lures him onto the bus, making him think he’ll be helping her with math homework, but all she wants is to get a prom date and a fuck. There’s great chemistry between these two just as there was in the first pairing, and Lizz spends a lot of time orally worshiping his big dick. He gets so excited he asks her to the prom while she’s sucking him off and immediately devours her pussy when she says yes. He paid attention in anatomy class and learned where the clit is, judging by her reaction. Lizz’s beautiful tits look great bouncing up and down with every thrust into her juicy pussy. All in all, Michael says it’s better than beating off into a sock!

Thanks to stains on the bus seats, the driver’s shenanigans have been discovered and he is asked to turn in his bus. But first, he has a box of goodies and toys to give to redhead Tweety Valentine in exchange for letting him see her own box! She eagerly strips, gets her pussy licked and fingered, and blows him until he cums on her face and neck.

First-timer Ariana Fox is sucking her cock-shaped lollipop when Mark Wood comes around looking for the bus driver, holding a lollipop he found in his daughter Gigi’s backpack. Ariana quickly makes him forget his anger by sucking that lollipop and doing an equally good job on his dick. He tries to resist, but she’s far too hot to turn down. Ariana is a foxy girl who shows no first-time nerves.

Tweety is back, having a debriefing session with headmaster Marcus London about what the bus driver made the girls do. His discomfort is delicious as she demonstrates – you can’t blame the guy, such a hot redhead in that schoolgirl outfit sucking a phallic sucker and rubbing a vibrator over her panties is a wet dream come true. Even he can’t resist when she climbs into his chair and sits on his face.  After all, it was inappropriate of him to bring her here, alone, with sex toys and sexy candy, so he’ll just have to trust her not to tell anybody how they fucked in his office. This scene is a must for those with teacher/student fantasies – it’s the dirtiest of all because of how much trouble they could be in for what they do.

Teagan Summers is upset that there will be no more suckers when she hears that the driver was sacked. Security guard Evan Stone breaks the news to her and he just can’t stand seeing a girl like her cry, so he comforts her in his unique way. He’ll give Teagan the last sucker that he found on the bus, but only if she’ll fuck him. Being a total candy addict and a real cum slut, of course she agrees.

“Bus Stop Girls 2” is even hotter than the original in a lot of ways, and that’s saying something, considering that many of the best young performers in the business were in that movie. These girls are even fresher and they’re as hot as can be. Smash Pictures has a great new series on their hands.