All Girls Do It

All Girls Do ItBeautifully filmed with a slight kinky edge, “All Girls Do It” is one hot fuck flick. Every girl in it is gorgeous. These vignettes have a Euro feel and an international cast, some of whom you already know. This movie could broaden horizons for many couples.

Lolly Badcock climbs the stairs in a skirt with most of the back cut out to tease Danny D, who is dressed in a lab coat. Liking what he sees, he fingers her asshole. She sucks his enormous meat cudgel, leaving lipstick prints. Things get kinkier and hotter when Danny oils up and fingers both of her holes with gloved hands, then screws her with a dildo only slightly bigger than his cock. Then Lolly takes a variety of objects in the ass. When they adjourn to another room, Danny has changed into black leather, as if to let us know things are getting serious. The way Lolly’s tongue takes on a life of its own in a throat fucking sequence will haunt your dreams in the best way. They move on to some intense anal sex. This scene builds perfectly to an erotic peak, with great chemistry.

Redhead Loz Lorrimar and blonde Shay Hendrix play on a swing in a bar, wearing retro polka-dot dresses with no panties, giving Omar Williams a show. Shay climbs on the pool table and pulls up her dress to tease him. Loz, giving beautiful eye contact, sucks his huge black cock. They have an oral daisy chain on the pool table. As Omar fucks Shay, he occasionally pulls out to give Loz a taste. Loz gets fucked in the ass and when Omar cums, the girls share the load.

Jewell Marceau tongues Amber Leigh’s pussy. Jewell is submissive with her usual playful attitude, fucking Amber with a toy. Amber lightly spanks and whips Jewell, but this is not hardcore BDSM. Then cute, China-doll pale Katie Kay crawls toward them. Katie needs no encouragement to eat Jewell’s muffin, but Amber pushes her in there anyway, using her blonde pigtails like handles. Amber fucks Jewell’s pussy and ass with a strap-on. Later, Amber straps a dildo to each thigh so the girls can ride them. Whether you like Katie’s perkiness or Jewell’s sensuality, you’ll have a hard time not popping.

In a mansion, maid Tori Black watches the ghostly Aleska Diamond masturbate. Later, Tori’s boss Jazz Duro asks for a gin and tonic, which Tori spills. Jazz bends her over his lap, lifts her skirt, and spanks her hot ass. Excitedly, he pulls her ruffled pink panties aside and starts fingering her, which confuses and then arouses her. She gives him an excellent blowjob with lots of eye contact and wrist twisting. In response, he devours her pussy before plundering it. Tori is as beautiful as ever and something about playing the curious, clumsy maid makes her even sexier than usual.

While Carmen Rose serves customer Jay R., bartender Dirty Dog tastes and fingers her between the legs. She keeps a poker face, but she’s getting hot – you can tell by the way she flirts with Jay. This continues until Jay sits at a table. When Bailee (a Hungarian babe, not to be confused with Texan cutie Bailey) enters and DD waits on her, Carmen turns the tables, giving him head behind the bar. Bailee teases both men until DD has to have that pussy. It inspires Carmen to start sucking Jay’s cock, which in turn inspires Bailee to blow DD. The simultaneous blowjobs are hot, as is the wanton fucking and partner swapping. It’s especially exciting watching Jay strum Bailee’s clit with his thumb as he fucks her ass. Even though the women never get completely naked, it feels like you’re really watching spontaneous sex in a bar.

“All Girls Do It” is another stunning piece of accessible erotic art from Harmony Films. With each scene set up as its own mini-story, you can take days to enjoy this movie one vignette at a time. Every vignette is worth your load and these should prove inspiring for couples.