Jan 04 2013

Lesbian One Night Stand

Lesbian One Night StandLesbian One Night Stand is a story of seduction and intrigue from Nica Noelle and Girl Candy Films. Beautiful brunette Sovereign Syre is alone in a bar, delaying the inevitable return from a business trip to her unsatisfying home life, when mysterious older blonde Jennifer Best walks into the bar and begins an intense pursuit of her. Jennifer buys Sovereign a drink and makes small talk designed to unhinge the shy beauty.

The women burst into Jennifer’s apartment, kissing and undressing on the way to the bed. Jennifer sits on Sovereign’s lap, her huge breasts swinging free as she helps her younger companion be free of her top. As she lies back on the bed, Jennifer’s nipples poke towards the ceiling like pencil erasers and Sovereign sucks one while making her way down to Jennifer’s bald mound. Sovereign’s vigorous tongue work soon brings Jennifer to a moaning, panting state. Then Sovereign mounts Jennifer and, through a combination of tribbing and Jennifer’s manual assistance, is cumming within minutes. Sovereign and Jennifer trade off pleasuring each other from head to toe, using their mouths, hands, and sensual full-body contact. It’s a harmonious partnership of equals. Adding to the eye candy factor, these two beauties leave their stockings on for a long time.

During their post-coital pillow talk, Sovereign confesses that she has a boyfriend back home and Jennifer admits that this isn’t her first time picking a woman up in a bar. Sovereign wanted to be the only one because she wanted to feel special, but it doesn’t stop her from going for a second round of girl-on-girl action with her far more experienced fling.

Jennifer convinces Sovereign to spend the day and night with her making cupcakes and drinking champagne. They’re having a good time, but then Jennifer’s suspicious lover – or, if Jennifer is to be believed, former lover – Katsuni pounds on the door and then pushes her way inside when Jennifer answers to try and make her go away. After Katsuni storms out, Sovereign wants to know what that was all about and we see a flashback of how Jennifer and Katsuni’s first time went.

Katsuni is bashful and can’t believe how lucky she is to be with Jennifer. Just as she was when picking up Sovereign, Jennifer is confident, but this time she’s more dominant. She pulls up Katsuni’s top and kisses her huge nipples. Pulling down Katsuni’s panties, Jennifer licks and fingers her lightly hairy pussy. Katsuni has Jennifer on her back and then on her stomach, eating and massaging her mound. Their back-and-forth fucking is sublime.

When Jennifer goes to buy more champagne, Sovereign mistakenly answers a knock on the door thinking that Jennifer forgot her money. It’s Katsuni again, this time with Annie Cruz (who’s sexy in an ass-kicker kind of way), and the two of them push their way inside. Katsuni feels the bed sheets, finds them still wet, and tells Sovereign it’s kind of hot. She and Annie push Sovereign onto the bed and start to have their way with her. Jennifer gets home and finds them there, but she’s such a sexual free spirit that, rather than kicking out the intruders, she decides to turn it into an orgy. From an oral chain to pairs to three on one, the women indulge in every configuration of pleasure that their bodies tell them feels right.

Sovereign slips away, back to her life in Montreal, while everyone else sleeps. How much has really changed?

Stars:   Sovereign Syre   Jennifer Best   Katsuni   Annie Cruz
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Blondes   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition
Running Time:   100 minutes
Released:   01/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle