Feb 08 2013

Lesbian Doms and Subs 2: Family Rivalry

Lesbian Doms and Subs 2: Family RivalryThe second installment of the Lesbian Doms and Subs series begins with an episode titled Family Rivalry. Young beauty Allie Haze butts heads with her dad’s new girlfriend, Rayveness. Allie brings her boyfriend home while her dad is out of town, but they’re in for a surprise when Rayveness slinks down the stairs like a cobra about to strike and puts the kibosh on the couple’s intentions. With an imperious air, Rayveness informs Allie that her dad asked Rayveness to stay and look after the house while he’s away. Rolling her eyes, Allie pushes past Rayveness with her boyfriend in tow.

Rayveness won’t let them be in Allie’s room with the door closed, and the boyfriend decides it’s best to bail as the tension between the women escalates. Allie clearly loathes this older woman that her dad has practically turned into her stepmom after only a month of dating.

With Allie’s boyfriend gone for the night, Rayveness decides it’s time to school the teen on manners and respect. She might be old-fashioned for demanding such treatment as an elder, but her methods are anything but conventional. First she uses intimidation tactics like interrogating the girl on why she’s not wearing a bra, standing too close, and verbally shaming her. Rayveness gets inside Allie’s head by pretending to be another girl who would try to be Allie’s friend in order to fuck her. Then she pounces, clamping her mouth onto the teen’s lips and pushing her on the bed to assert her dominance.

Allie’s protests melt away as the struggle seems to turn her on. Rayveness, and we, can see Allie’s nipples starting to show through her thin t-shirt. The mature siren pulls down the v-neck on the shirt and compliments the teen on her nipples. Her tits are small, but her nipples look so suckable. By now Allie is fondling Rayveness’ tits, so Rayveness takes off her shirt and tells Allie to suck. Grinding her pussy against Allie’s through the fabric of their panties, Rayveness gets more excited by the second thanks to Allie’s attention to her tits.

Rayveness moves down to Allie’s muff after a few minutes. She pulls those green lacy panties to one side, showing that cute furry mound/bald vulva combination, and dives in for a good long taste. Soon both of them are panting with pleasure. Now excited enough to overlook her earlier resentment and anger, Allie licks and sucks Rayveness’ pussy while the cougar occasionally plays with her own nipples. Afterward, Rayveness spanks Allie’s butt with one of her perfectly shaped tits and gives her more oral affection till they’re both too tired to do anything but kiss.

Stars:   Rayveness   Allie Haze
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Mature   Teen   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition   Older / Younger
Running Time:   31 minutes
Released:   01/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Lesbian Doms And Subs
Director:   Nica Noelle