Mar 15 2013

Girls Tribbing Girls 2: Trib Me, Mistress

Girls Tribbing Girls 2: Trib Me, MistressThe second installment of scenes in Girl Candy Films’ Girls Tribbing Girls series begins with a heart-pounding episode titled Trib Me, Mistress. Fans of curvy-assed blondes, take note: Phoenix Marie is the Dominant goddess and Anikka Albrite is her young sex slave. How much hotter could it get? Writer/director Nica Noelle sets out to show you. If you’ve ever heard of ASMR – autonomous sensory meridian response – then you might get tingly just watching Anikka shine shoes for her Mistress. And if you’ve never heard of ASMR, in short, it’s a tingling in your brain and throughout your body in response to certain stimuli. They aren’t the same for everyone who experiences ASMR, but Noelle pushes major buttons in this series.

Before the scene Phoenix and Anikka lie on a bed, telling us their sexual likes and dislikes. Phoenix and Anikka are both into asses, and they like things about each other that aren’t features of their own bodies. Now the fun begins.

Phoenix is unhappy with Anikka because Phoenix’s clothes aren’t laid out for a party. She makes Anikka shine her lover’s shoes. Anikka brushes polish onto a brown leather shoe and buffs it painstakingly. Phoenix returns and is irritated that the first shoe isn’t finished. She tells Anikka to get her ready instead. Anikka opens a package of silk stockings and caresses her own face with one. Phoenix asks if the stocking is as soft as her skin. Wisely, Anikka whispers that Phoenix’s skin is softer. Anikka carefully glides the first stocking onto Phoenix’s shapely leg and caresses the silk-clad flesh. On goes the other stocking and Anikka rubs Phoenix’s foot. Skin squeaks against silicone as Anikka sets the stocking top in place and then rustles against silk as she rubs her face along Phoenix’s leg. “Anikka, we have a problem,” Phoenix whispers, and then points out a run in a stocking.

Anikka might do things wrong, but she’s eager to please her Mistress. She shows Phoenix her breasts upon request and lets Phoenix caress and pinch them with her toes. On command, Anikka worships Phoenix’s much bigger breasts with her tongue. Sitting on top of Phoenix, Anikka grinds her pelvis down on Phoenix’s mound through their panties. Faster and faster they trib as Anikka plays with her own nipples, moaning and panting ecstatically. Phoenix decides that Anikka deserves to feel naked pussy-to-pussy contact and tribs her with their panties off.

Ordering Anikka to shake her ass in doggy position, Phoenix uses Anikka’s panties to rub against Anikka’s clit. Phoenix flicks her tongue against her slave’s asshole. Anikka cums with a few telltale spasms.

Phoenix tells Anikka to mount her again for some reverse cowgirl tribbing that gives the Mistress the perfect view of her slave’s voluptuous behind. They go clit to clit in scissors position for a while until Anikka asks to taste her Mistress’s pussy. Phoenix allows it, but she wants to finish with Anikka tribbing her missionary style.

Have a look at this clip of the luscious lesbian fun!

Girls Tribbing Girls 2: Trib Me, Mistress
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Stars:   Phoenix Marie   Anikka Albrite
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Blondes   Mature   Teen   Gonzo   All Girl   High Definition   Older / Younger
Running Time:   42 minutes
Released:   02/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Girls Tribbing Girls
Director:   Nica Noelle