May 03 2011

Don’t Tell My Wife, I Ass Fucked the Babysitter 6

A good babysitter is hard to find and the fun ones are even harder to find. When you do dig up a diamond in the buff, it’s best to keep her satisfied. You don’t want to entrust your household and your cock to just any old rapscallion with a couple of tight holes, now do you?

You may remember Ashlynn Leigh from Friends and Family 2, a really fucked up tale of dysfunctional family life. Well, she’s back in DTMWIAFTB 6, a really fucked up tale of dysfunctional babysitting gigs. When her employer arrives home from a rotten day and realizes the wife and the kids are out he rejoices. And when he finds Ashlynn still crashed out on the bed long after her duties are complete … he rejoices even more. Why? He’ s going to use every hole on her body like they were his boss and he’s going to use his cock like it was a truncheon. And he’s going to apply the truncheon with excess pressure to his boss over and over again until he feels better. And when you watch her deep throat his prick down to his nards; suck him in 69; take him into her tight slit and then into her asshole before licking her own ass juice off his prick; explode from multiple ass-gasms; and swallow his load while tickling his balls with her tongue it should make you feel better too.

Blonde Kaylee Hilton is psyched about the party she’s attending tonight, but right now she’s babysitting. Her employer, Mr. John, is up to his eyeballs in work, but would rather be up to his nut balls in Kaylee after he sees a naked picture of her on her phone when she goes to change. She doesn’t care as she insists she looks much better naked in person. Because his wife called and said she’d be late yet again, Mr. John uses the opportunity to do a little sight-seeing and a little slut fucking. Kaylee has unbelievably nice tits with long nipples and a ripe clamshell with pierced clit. Instinctively, she also knows the kinds of angles that sell movies. Employing a floor POV, she takes a thick dick into her asshole in RCG, while fingering her swollen little clit for the camera. It’s a really hot shot that complements her other skills like deep throating, modeling and ball sucking.

Though Megan Foxx snared the coveted box cover spot, the prize here might be Nicki Blue, an attractive young thing with beyond shoulder-length sandy blonde locks and smooth, pale skin. She’s looking for her own prizes in her employer’s dresser and jewelry box. She latches onto a pink pair of silk panties and a giant red dildo. We’d say she crams it where the sun don’t shine, but that could mean her chin or eye socket as sunless as she is. We’re glad to report that she buries the toy deep into her ass, warming it up for the real thing, which happens when her employer returns home suddenly to retrieve the laptop he forgot in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …

He seems less appalled that she’s fucking herself than the fact that she’s defiling what was a 10th anniversary wedding gift for his wife.  Nevertheless, he’s thrilled she’ll do about anything to prevent her agency from finding out she violated the rules of her employment. That means getting her ass violated, which happens almost immediately. She gives it up in every way imaginable, CG, RCG, mish, and doggie, taking a celebratory cumshot to the face.

Finally, there’s Megan Foxx, one of the new crop of stars that borrow their stage names from the Hollywood set because of their apparent look-a-like status. While that’s okay, we swear the moment a Joyy Bayhar or a Whoopee Goldburg  starts tearing up the porn scene it might be time for a hiatus. Megan has long brown hair, blue eyes, shapely figure and a large handful of tits that are just begging to be grabbed and groped. She can’t wait for Mr. Strong to come home and help her “clean his daughter’s room”. Feel free to agree or disagree here but, somehow, slurping up his cock seems like a roundabout way to tidy up a living space. What’s even worse is that all their oral, vaginal and anal activities just end up making more of a mess. Hey, at least that mess is concentrated mainly on her facial region, unlike the clothes and other things strewn about the entire area.

The babysitter fantasy has always been right up there near the top of the fantasy list, and for good reason. Happily, the boys at Devil’s Film have it down to a science.


Stars:   Megan Foxx Ashlynn Leigh Kaylee Hilton Nicki Blue

Categories: Anal New Release Teen All Sex Babysitters High Definition

Running Time:   122 minutes

Released:   04/2011

Studio Name:   Devil’s Film Devils Film

Series:   Don’t Tell My Wife, I Ass Fucked The Babysitter